EMS: Rising to the Challenge


The top two entries will win Apple Series 7 GPS watches! Other entries will be selected for smaller prizes & posted to Priority Ambulance social media throughout EMS Week.

For EMS Week 2022, the theme is “EMS: Rising to the Challenge” Join us in celebrating EMS by sharing your stories of how your partner or your EMS family has risen to the challenge of the last few years in big or small ways.

This theme is particularly meaningful now, to remind people that every day we are faced with so many new challenges in our lives and yet we still rise above them all and continue to respond, support, and care for the needs of our communities.

We’re asking you to share a story with a specific example of how your coworkers have gone above and beyond in their service to your community. Examples could include a meaningful patient interaction, using their skills and talents to volunteer their time to the community or even encouraging and serving their EMS family.

a duty or situation that is difficult because you must use a lot of effort, determination, and skill in order to be successful


1. Answer the following question: “Who in your EMS family rises to the challenge in their service to your community?” Next, provide a specific story that demonstrates what challenge they rose to and how they overcame it

2. Submit a photo of them and a photo or video supporting their story

3. Upload your photo/s or video/s and fill out the entire contest entry form (below), including your name, job title, operational location, phone number, email, names of people in the photo or video and a caption.

4. Deadline for entries: Friday, May 6, 2022

5. The winning entries will be selected based on how well the image(s) depict the EMS Week theme.

EMS Week Employee Contest Form


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  • This will be used to mail prizes to winners.
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  • Examples could include a meaningful patient or family interaction, using your skills and talents volunteering in the community or even encouraging or serving your coworkers.
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    By entering this contest, you agree and every individual who appears in the image(s) agrees, to the use of the images on the company’s official website, official social media sites, in the news media, in print publications and for general marketing and advertising purpose. You agree by submitting images and/or videos that they may be used in whole or in part and that Priority Ambulance is not required to authorize your consent for potential use now or in the future. All images become the property of Priority Ambulance, LLC. Photos and/or videos may not be shot during patient calls, on emergency or non-emergency scenes or with patients. HIPAA privacy practices and compliance must be adhered to at all times. Winners will be notified via email and by telephone. Prizes will be mailed directly to the winners.